shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


thursday morning hangovers

Weather report: yesterday it was in the high 50s, just now I came in from pretty, fluffy non-accumulating snow. Welcome to the apocalypse, kids.

Margaritas are tasty, but do in fact lead to...


1. Is there a universal law governing the placement of Guns, Germs and Steel and City of Quartz on bookshelves? I think maybe so.

2. Stonyfield Farm employs a full-time blogger and maintains several blogs. I just like their yogurt.

3. Dana at Twinkle Blah sez you should actually buy that New Yorker this week for Burkhardt Bilger's story about feet, or rather "one man's lifelong quest to create the best shoes ever" (which isn't online). I'm a fan of his Noodling for Flatheads: Moonshine, Monster Catfish, and Other Southern Comforts, though I must set the record straight: most people in Kentucky do not eat squirrel brains. At least not every day.

4. John Scalzi has posted a thoughtful rumination on the difference between getting a larger advance and a smaller one, and in the average size of advances for literary vs. genre fiction -- inspired by this NY Observer article on TBR pile dweller Sam Lipsyte's Home Land and its difficulties in securing U.S. publication. It's definitely worth your time if you're interested in such things.

5. Boy, do I not care about Charles and Camilla getting hitched. And yet, still I will be inundated with these images until the deed is done. Also probably barraged with older images, those grainy beach shots of which the paparazzi is so fond. Great. Remind me to tell you my story about heckling the good Prince at the British Museum. I was hungry. I wanted out. It was a fast method.

6. Today's horrorscope, from the still crack-smoking beyond the grave Omarr replacement:

CANCER (June 22-July 22). A corporate entity with money to burn is eager to finance your latest project! Watch for subtle opportunities. Be sure to buy a lottery ticket. Call your business partners, and stir the pot a bit. See what bubbles up.

Alan and Christopher, stay by your phones. We're going to stir the pot with a lottery ticket. I'm a little afraid of what might bubble up. The Fortress of Words does not like water.


  • At 2:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Speaking of noodling for flatheads, have you seen Okie Noodling? Flaming Lips score just one reason to like this documentary.



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