shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


the upside of global warming... being able to take your bicycle out for the first 10+ (okay, 11.25) mile ride of the year -- in February. It's wrong, and yet so very right. And we didn't even have to wear cold weather gear. We crashed The Islands, a oohlala private neighborhood that hasn't quite figured out that we can zip right by their guard post and gate. It's my favorite ride in town because you come flying down hill and all of a sudden there's a lake with a road that's basically a glorified driveway across. This hidden in the middle of the city (well, and a little to the left). I'd hate to live there, but biking there's a blast. Leaving the hood, we witnessed two crows divebombing a hawk until it finally gave up and flew away.

Nice day.

Also, on Saturday, I went shopping. Ladies, is there anything better than a good end of season sale?

Now it's Monday again (please pronounce that A-GAAAANE). Check you later.


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