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Justine follows up on her original first novel advance post (and I'm snitching the first graph or so whole so you'll also have the link to Tobias Buckell's advance survey results):

Back in December I posted a little essay about first novel advances. Thanks to John Scalzi linking to it in three different places, but most especially at metafilter, thousands of people have now read all about what my mates got for their first novels and it's been linked to all over the shop. The musing also seems to have served as a wee reminder to Tobias Buckell that he promised to put together a database of first novel advances in the sf field, based on Brenda Hiatt's sterling work in the romance field. Well, now he's done it. So, if you've sold a novel and haven't already filled it in, go do so. It's a fabulous project.
Now go read the rest -- if you want, you know, to be depressed. Did I say depressed? I meant smarter.

(Also, psst, Justine, set up an RSS feed.)

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