shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


tuesday's lonely hangovers

1. Happy Mardi Gras. Go eat some pancakes and show your...

2. Dana at Twinkle Blah is on a roll. Do not miss. Especially this tripstery entry.

3. Ten geekiest hobbies revealed at The Wave. (Thanks to Pancho and Lefty, who would never do any of these things.)

4. That Wiley Cinetrix nails the reason I'm afraid to ever even acknowledge having seen a Tom Cruise movie on Netflix, for I fear the recommendations and seeing his face with each log-on. (Also, Tom Cruise's Cousin will totally kidnap your ass.)

5. Happy birthday to Terry! May the year be as good as you deserve it to be.

6. The WaPo has a piece about a new Andre Kertesz exhibit at The National Gallery. Never heard of him? Go read it.

7. Some days your fucking horoscope is so meaningless you have to call attention to it:

CANCER (June 22-July 22). The obstacles you build in your mind have nothing to do with reality. This is especially true in reference to a central relationship. In actuality, one courageous phone call could solve everything!

Is Sydney Omarr's replacement smoking the crack? (Dead or Alive? is a very helpful site, btw.)


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