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this is not about Caitlin Flanagan.

Though it could be. I just really love this star-nosed mole, who is a marsh-dweller (much like CF), it must be said. (Via Boing Boing.)

For Caitlin Flanagan Watch keep an eye on these ladies.


  • At 2:27 PM , Blogger Chris McLaren said...

    That photo looks exactly like the meter maid that used to give me tickets when I was in University.

    Come to think of it, she always did seem to just pop up out of the earth whever a meter expired...

  • At 6:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh, Caitlin Flanagan. I had a little miniature CF revelation a couple of weeks ago--I've thought for so long that I had an ambivalent reaction to her, but I suspect that all this time I've been projecting complexity onto her writing that isn't really there. Like her recent New Yorker piece that starts off with this whole "oh, poor me, as a kid I always had to go to boring old Ireland for vacation, when all I wanted was to go to Hawai'i" and my first read on that is that it's a shot at humor, but I've concluded that I'm just wrong. Wrong baby wrong.


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