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...or, I love you so much I don't want the Glove Monster to be the first thing you see when you come here.

1. Ayelet Waldman confesses her love of the grotesque, which makes me feel slightly less lonely as one of the few people still suffering through Carnivale for this very reason. I also highly recommend the book Strange Cases: Natural Anomalies and Historical Monsters by Rosamond Purcell.

2. Clint chronicles Douglas Coupland's visit to Chicago, making me slightly nostalgic for the high school reading experience of Generation X* and yet amazed at the news that Coupland still publishes lots of books. I thought he was dead or something.

3. Carrie points to Jessa Crispin's Guardian diary and their list of favorite lit blogs (agree that the omission of Maud Newton is a head-scratcher, but kudos to those who made it).

It's sunny outside. And time for lunch. Decisions, decisions.

*On the inside cover of which I wrote my dad's visa number for those special occasions when 16-year-old me needed it and my parents were, um, asleep or something.


  • At 2:47 PM , Blogger Ted said...

    Is Carnivale not worth watching? I have the DVDs in my Netflix queue.

  • At 4:13 PM , Blogger gwenda said...

    That question is so hard to answer. It's definitely the most grotesque non-reality TV ever and it's beautifully shot and full of fine actors. That said, it's never really lived up to its promise. The main (good) character has never become much more than a cipher -- partially because he's very nonverbal and reactive; in other words, he'd be a better character in a novel likely. The preacher storyline has never really done it to me as it just seems completely over the top. I've even taken to fastforwarding through those bits. But there's something oddly compelling about the show as a whole and the plot seems to have finally taken off this season.

    It may also be easier to watch as a seasonal unit on DVD than episode by episode.

  • At 2:30 PM , Blogger Chris McLaren said...

    You know, it's worth it just for Clea Duvall.

    In seriousness, I thought it was pretty good, and I (unlike everyone else in the world, apparently) really liked the slow pacing of the first season.

    I am in fear, though, that everything that is cool while it is unexplained will either turn into an endless cycle of mysteries that do not resolve (see X-Files), or else that the explanation will not live up to the "weight" of the mysteries.


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