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monday, monday hangovers ed.

1. Bud Parr sticks a needle in my eye. However, I'm always open to new voices and interested in seeing new ways writers find to express themselves and carry on the conversation - the Gaddis Drinking Club being an interesting attempt at bringing several people together to write on one topic (next time let's not choose a thousand page book). Emphasis mine. It burns, it burns. But he's right, you know.

It took awhile and several re-checks of The Recognitions at the library for me to admit it, but despite my joyous first week of reading, there's just too much ELSE for me to actually finishing reading this chihuahua killer of a book right now.

Oh, and that's just an aside in Bud's piece, you really should go read the whole thing.

2. Ms. Melissa ruminates on titles. Titles are odd sort of in-between things. They're not really part of the story, but they're the signpost on the way in, so they're deadly important. If the sign says, 'next exit, New York City', and you want to go to Kansas, you're not going to go any further.

3. Stephen King does the numerals thing.

4. The tug of war between Victoria detective Simon Overland and "gangland survivor" Judy Moran over her memoir is pretty interesting, but even moreso is the accompanying photo of her hard-living visage next to the urn containing her murdered husband's ashes. The pinkish, flowery urn.

5. Tsk, tsk, Cherie Blair. But the first event of her six-date speaking tour left guests - who had paid up to £380 a ticket - feeling badly let-down, with many dismissing her speech as a "boring book plug".

Mrs Blair even committed the cardinal sin of confusing New Zealand with Australia.

"I thought Cherie was very poor," said insurance executive Caroline Canning, 34. "She flogged her book and I think for a woman of her credentials she could have talked about a lot more meaningful subjects.

6. Deep Throat revealed? (Too bad Dana Carvey isn't still relevant.)


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