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saturday with slight hangovers

!. Very slight, actually, considering we were up until about three. (Very late for us, except for our rotating bouts of insomnia.) We visited the lovely Erin's kick-ass reading series InKY last night for its anniversary party. If you find yourself in parts Louisville when the readers are at the Rud, I strongly advise that you go there and be merry.

And I finally got to meet Full Unit Hookup mastermind Mark Rudolph, who's more southern than you because his mom had a deep fryer.

It's going to be an arty weekend, as it's LexArts, featuring a ton of free,awesome stuff (free is good, c'mon payday!). This afternoon, after doing a ton of dishes, we're at least making it out to the Headley Whitney, which Christopher's never seen and I haven't been to since a grade school field trip.(Check out the library alone to see why that's unacceptable.)

2. Go to the Infinite Matrix and read Patrick O'Leary's "The Witch's Hand."

3. Ayelet Waldman is ending her blog too soon, too soon, to go write a column for Salon instead. It's a shame, because however wonderful the columns are, I bet they'll have a different consistency.

4. Writers, you should probably read this.

5. What do y'all think about the new blogger comments interface? Also, will you please come and clean our house?

6. Alan sends along tantalizing word of a bike shop/coffee house with a blog in the cities, making us want to visit.

7. Mr. McLaren sends along word of Glen Hirshberg's "novella/CD limited thing." Which I didn't know about at all but want.

8. Bride and Prejudice is finally coming soon! (Coming here soon, it may already be where you are.)

9. And finally, Ed (who is back!) reveals the best NYT correction ever: "A picture in The Arts yesterday with a chart listing television shows that portray women kissing, to increase ratings during sweeps weeks, misidentified the actress being kissed by Alyson Hannigan in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' She was Iyari Limon; Amber Benson is another actress kissed by Ms. Hannigan in the series." CAAF points out in his comments that this is probably just their way of saying nobody liked Season 7.


  • At 3:34 PM , Blogger Chris McLaren said...

    Some additional happy news on the Hirshberg thing. I got an email from Glen regarding my order of the novella/CD which included this bit of good news: "We are planning more releases in the series, so if you enjoy the package, please do check back at the website in the coming months."

  • At 1:41 PM , Blogger Richard said...

    Very weird, what with all the talk of publishing and agents and novel advances and such, that Ted's comments on withboots didn't get picked up by the various litbloggers who visit here. Hey, litbloggers! Where are ye?


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