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cycling fans meet oprah and uma (for those of you who don't work)

Mr Rowe sends the following email from his cycling club, with the subject line "Not That I Watch Oprah":

LANCE WILL BE ON OPRAH, FRIDAY, FEB. 11TH. (For those of you who don't work) :) Or, record and watch later. Check your local tv guide for time and channel.

Also, it turns out that rock star girlfriend Sheryl Crow will be joining Oprah and Lance to make sure that Oprah keeps her claws off. Or maybe to sing love songs inspired by Lance, which is the cheesiest thing I've ever heard. Topics may include: what we do with our giant piles of money, etc.

Christopher just accidentally set our DVR to grab Oprah every day instead of just this once. Will we be able to purge this timer or is the O now inside our system, ready to jump into George's body and colonize him? Only time will tell. If we must battle her, I know only one thing:

Oprah will win.


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