shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


the hangovers just keep coming

A few more:

1. John Klima has put up Alan DeNiro's story "A Keeper" online where you can read it for free. The story was originally published in Electric Velocipede, a magazine you should subscribe to after you read Alan's story. You'll be sorry if you don't. And your little dog too. (Thanks, John!)

Unrelatedly, except that it involves Alan -- so, relatedly, Alan has posted two poetry exercises at his original web concern.

2. All sorts of fun stuff up at The Loom, my favorite science blog, including that picture of Caitlin Flanagan's spirit animal I posted the other day.

3. Pete Lit posts a Stuart Dybek passage. Heart Dybek. Just picked up his latest collection at the library last night.

4. Andrea Seigel may be a mutant. Or a transformer. At any rate, her blog's new look is lovely and reminds me of when ER was good. (Well, watchable.)

5. What's your Lipsyte Love Rating? Visit the calculator and find out. (Via supergirl sleuths Frye and Weinman.)


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