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Say... have you heard this one? update

Breaking in here with a quick update on the next Say...

So, we've decided that timing being what it is, we're going to cop to having only produced one issue in 2004 and move the debut of Say... have you heard this one?* to Wiscon over Memorial Day weekend, which is where we typically debut the spring issue. We had several concerns about putting out two issues on top of each other -- mainly fearing that ... have you heard this one? would end up selling fewer copies and finding fewer readers. (We're more worried about the finding fewer readers part, but, frankly, we also like to break even and not lose money on this endeavor.**) We're also working with our fabulous, brilliant, generous web designers to get a Fortress of Words website up and running, which will hopefully help the magazine find even more readers.

Long story short: mea culpa. Subscribers will of course get this issue as soon as it's available. And it'll be beautiful -- the cover is gorgeous.

Some of you may be wondering how this effects Say ... what's the combination? Keep sending us your stories/poems/comics/etc for that issue. We'll be announcing a later end date for the reading period very soon and that issue will come out in late October at World Fantasy Convention (oddly, also in Madison this year).

*That link will take you to the announcement page for the TOC; obviously the publication date has just changed.
**And we just got sold a bajillion dollars worth of dance lessons.


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