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bracket fever!

The Morning News has announced The First Annual TMN Tournament of Books, complete with brackets. Members of TMN, the literary bloggerati and other fellow travelers picked the 16 books in contention and will judge the final winners*. But we should all play at home.

Books were chosen as follows:

We limited the selections to novels, and also to the “you-know-it-when-you-see-it” genre known as literary fiction. The top seeds went to books that were much hyped before or after publication. Second and third seeds were given mainly to books that were common to many of the end-of-the-year best lists we surveyed—ones we had also enjoyed, or been told we’d enjoy. The remaining selections (nearly half) were awarded to novels that our writers and editors felt passionate about. Obviously more than 16 books met these criteria, so we rather arbitrarily selected books that we thought would most appeal to TMN readers.

Despite that first sentence, I see three books that I'd count as SF in the running -- Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Cloud Atlas and The Plot Against America. But that's you say tomato, I say genre.

Get on your marks and start your penciling in and erasing now...

(Spotted at The Alley that Tingles.)

*or something like this