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you know the best inadvertently funny curses

Mr. McLaren uncovers The Alternative Dictionaries. What's that, you ask? Why, friend, it's slang, profanities, insults and vulgarisms from all the world.

Sez Chris:

So, if you ever needed to know how that in Hungarian the colloquial form of ‘go to hell’ translates literally as ‘I send you to Death’s penis‘, or what the literal translation of the Gaelic expression equivalent to ‘go for it’ is, or that in Polish you can refer to sickness in general (not just syphilis, as in many other European languages) by the word for ‘French’, you know where to go.

So, to you I say:

Serr da veg, ha lak da reor da breg! (Shut your mouth and let your arse talk!)

Also, there is apparently a LOT of mother fucking going on in the world.

(BTW, Justine, there's not a single entry for Australian English. A crime!)

(Actually, they need contributions for all sorts of languages, so if you know how to say fuck your mother in something besides English, please do your part for world communication.)


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