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squibs on Arnie

Infinite Matrix has some hilarious reactions to the guberna-tron of CA.

The Washington Post also had an interesting little editorial piece on how Ahnuld's last name is a problem for headline writers, since it's far too long to fit in standard column width. I can think of some alternatives to be standardized and I bet you can too.

I think I'm almost done talking about this (for now), but I will say that during discussions with a prescient person we were talking about how some people -- mostly pundits -- seemed to be confusing Bill Clinton's behavior toward women with Ahnuld's. We finally agreed on what I see as the key difference. Bill Clinton's behavior toward women stems from the fact that he likes them, some might argue too much. Ahnuld's stems from the fact that he dislikes them, thinks they are toys, and wants to squeeze them like little kittens. I'm not holding my breath for Ahnie to give anyone nearly as qualified as Janet Reno or Madeleine Albright a job in his administration.

And yes, I realize I'm comparing him to a president. Must. Stop. Madness.


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