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Do not vote for Ahnuld. Please, do not. Read the LA Times story. How can you vote for Ahnuld?

To steal a phrase from someone else today, if seven buses ran over Ahnuld I would be asking, where's the eighth bus? Anyone that can get that confused about the difference between degrading and playful -- must have taken a lot of steroids.

So, in better news, a wonderful package from Canada arrived with, like all such packages, many lovely goodies inside. Yay for the North! And one of the books has a dwarf in it and is described as Alice in Wonderland for adults. There's a nice story about Peter Dinklage, in the NYTimes, speaking of Alice in Wonderland. Actually, I'm really looking forward to "The Station Agent."

What else? I loathe Celeb It's supposed to give you fun names of people you'd marry but it's not fun. The people are people you've never heard of. And even when you make yourself 10 years older, the people are still people you've never heard of but suspect you wouldn't like. (Except for Wil Wheaton.) You suspect they may be child actors or porn stars or former members of boy bands. But you're too scared to look. Don't go. You're going to go, aren't you? Don't say I didn't warn you.



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