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Robin McKinley was charming and exhausted. There was something she said that I wanted to remember to post here, but forgot. I didn't realize she and Terri Windling were roommates long ago, but it makes perfect sense.

The thing I wanted to post was something about how as a writer you have to come to terms with the fact that you will never be as good as the story deserves. The story will always be better than you can write it. So you do the best you can and go on. Something like that, only more succint and witty.

Her local escort was extremely shrill and bossy; wonder how long she'll keep that job? I'm thinking shouting, "Use the microphone!" repeatedly at an author when she says she hates microphones, even though she does need one because no one can hear her is extraordinarily bad form. (We were in the front row and couldn't hear.) There's always a nice way to suggest these things.

Sunshine is an adult's book definitely, but it seems to me that many kids just moving up to adult books or in the 12-14 range are going to talk their parents into Sunshine and LOVE it. This has to be a good thing. It's a good book.

Got to her website and show up if she's hitting your town. You could do worse for an hour than to ask questions and hear her answers. She talks a lot about her husband, which is refreshing in the face of so many people who can't or don't seem to naturally talk about those things.


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