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anyone can cook aloo gobi

We watched "Bend it Like Beckham" tonight, which is of course lots of fun, and far more interesting than any other sports movie you've seen oh, this decade.

But that's not what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is the best DVD extra I've ever encountered. It's a little cooking show with the director, Gurinder Chadha, making aloo gobi with her mom and aunt watching and critiquing her every single move. Absolutely wonderful.

There's a little feature article here. Personally, I think Gurinder knew how to make the dish before, just not _quite_ like her mother makes it.

Also worth a look is the completely excruciating post-music video footage of David Beckham and Spice Girl singing horribly, and I do mean horribly, the "Hot, Hot, Hot" song like everyone else in the cast did multiple times. Beckham looks MISERABLE in a very Frankenstein's monster kind of way. And he barely opens his lips. And he has a terrible voice. It is kind of an insane thing to watch--his own version of hell playing out before your eyes while people giggle. Needless to say, the Spice Girl can't sing either.

(pointless note: I think one of the many butcherings of my name over the years has had to be Gurinder.)


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