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It's nice to be home. I never managed to adjust to the time difference and instead coped with a horrid case of jetlag the four days I was gone. It was a reaction that had no obvious correlation to the _actual_ time difference, so I'm blaming the melatonin I took the first two days. It actually made for an interesting slightly queasy trip. I had two good meals and picked at stuff the rest of the time, and there's something about seeing Chagall on a slightly loopy empty stomach, feeling like you're treading through pudding, that really complements the experience of falling into the paintings themselves. A beautiful exhibit, though I'm still wishing the Arbus had been on.

The best part of my trip, as with most good trips, was the fine company I managed to keep. I've found just about anywhere rocks if you're seeing and talking to and having dinners with amazing and interesting people and San Francisco's pretty damn cool on its own. So, I had a lovely trip. Thank you to those who entertained me, for you were all immensely entertaining.

Sad about Ahnuld. I really thought maybe that wouldn't happen. Oh hell. I completely thought it would happen, but still kept hope alive. The good news: he can never be president. Now he just needs to do something he's rarely been able to in his professional life before: hire good writers and a good supporting cast.

Can I tell you how much the Lush products sing a little tune of greatness? Really, go order some for yourself and/or your sweetie now. There's a website and you're industrious enough to find it so I don't have to go grab a link.

I managed to rein in most of my shopping tendencies, so really I just have lots of yummy bath products and books. Read the new Lance Armstrong book by accident on the way home yesterday (it was a pressie for Christopher), and the title really sums it up -- EVERY SECOND COUNTS -- which is right. Every time I think I don't really like Lance Armstrong, I think about him in a different way. The book made me like him more. Oh, and I got some cheap DVDs and the Thorns CD at Rasputin's. Got Cosmos Latinos and Jincy Willet's brilliant, hilarious new novel WINNER OF THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD at Borders, plus the new Believer and Realms of Fantasy. (Finished DAYLIGHT by Elizabeth Knox on the plane, and it's a straight up gothic vampire novel that's beautifully written and highly recommended. It will be in the mainstream fiction section of your library or bookstore.)

I think that's it for now. I'm fading, still exhausted, and I have to get to work.


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