shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


kiss me, I quit smoking

I have the best view ever. I doubt there's a better view in the hotel. This is what happens when you make sure the cute Asian boy at the front desk knows you had the Journey from Hell to get here. I can see mountains and a big swathe of city AND water. There are window banks on two sides. The view makes me want to dance around. I left the curtains open while I slept last night so I could enjoy the twinkling lights and the big old gibbous (I think) moon at the invariable three hour intervals I woke up because of jetlag and too much open bar.

I just got back from the Lush store (thank you, Heather, for your kind blog that reminded me there is a Lush store here). My hands smell all Lush-y now. I want the perfume. They're getting a new shipment around 5 and I will be going back.

On my way back from the Lush store, I ran into Gray Davis. No, really. Though it took me a minute to recognize him and to figure out what the throngs in navy blue tee-shirts were shouting (No recall!). They had a pretty damn good gang of pipers leading it. Then I had a very French ham and cheese, with lots and lots of butter. (Saying butter in that sentence is kind of redundant, but still...)

Someday, I will talk about the horrible cab ride to another airport yesterday morning, with the meanest, most karmically damaged woman in the world, who doesn't have a clue she is these things... Or the Amish (?) women at the airport.

But not right now. Oh well. Gotta dash.


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