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welcome to my martini glass


sidewindy wind storms

Gales gusting up to 40 mph on a normal day, when the rain has stopped, may seem a tiny quirk of the weather if you just lived through a hurricane but here in person, it's pretty cool. The combined noise of the gusts bouncing off the buildings and messing with the trees sounds like a combination between a waterfall and the warp speed noise. You know, the warp speed noise, the noise that in movies and television indicates a ludicrous spacecraft of some kind is accelerating to warp speed.

You also get some interesting hits when you put wind storms into a search engine. For instance, the first hit is Chapter Ten: Wind-Storm in the Forest" from the Sierra Club's John Muir exhibit. Then there's the Kaze Arashi Ryu Wind-Storm School of the Classical Samurai Warrior Arts. Say that five times fast. Then there is something really scary with American flags in the background that say "America Rocks" and it's an event called "Party in the Pasture" -- but I'm afraid to link to that lest anyone who clicks get put on a watchlist (who isn't already). There's a blog with a nice wind storm poem here. And, lastly, because I could seriously do this forever, there are amazing photos of wind storms much more potent than this one.

Isn't the internet just a big ole junk heap of fun?

I've had a headache pretty much constantly for the last two days, and keep noticing annoying typos creeping into my correspondence. I'm also behind on email again, so if I owe you a reply it'll be a day or so.

I've got to write something else.

Christopher got a killer blurb from Terry Bisson for his chapbook. Yay!

That is all for now, said the Zephyr-lite.


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