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Say... aren't you dead?

Without further ado, here is the list of contents for the upcoming issue of Say... (3, for those keeping count), in alphabetical order:

Season of the Beasts by Barth Anderson
What We're Going to Do Next by Jennifer Rachel Baumer
Choosing Donal by Marjorie Fergusson
Water-child Jizo by K. Bird Lincoln
Swathes of Grass by Mark Rich
The Other Dandy Washington by Justina Robson
Vanishing by Lori Selke
Kouros by Sonya Taaffe
That Which Does Not Kill Us by Scott Westerfeld

The New Girl by E.L. Chen

Smoking With Karl Marx in Toulon, 1996 by Kevin Carollo
Tiny Business by Clayton Couch
This Smallness of Scale by Clayton Couch
Counting by Cindra Halm and Josh Sundberg
Dead Metaphors That Just Won't Die by Maryann Hazen Stearns


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