shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


So, yes, I've been extremely lazy about making little entries here, but beyond busy in all other ways.

I am out of the Survivor pool and I'm happy about it. Proof that the buoyancy of fake breasts can not actually float you over the finish line, Heidi has gone. (Kind of sad I didn't do a double pick so someone would have Butch the Wood Nut, as he's suddenly become entertaining; could it be because the Believe banner burned?) And on Sunday night we'll see who wins. I know I said I was going to announce the prizes, but I believe I will wait. The prizes shall be reflective of who wins, which is more fun.

This week really was a Week From Hell, but I managed to stay on track with the YA book, which I'm not tentatively projecting will be in the neighborhood of 45,000 words when it's complete. It's going well, so well I don't want to talk about it or jinx it. The plot's getting ready to become very hairy, but it keeps revealing itself in satisfying ways so that's okay.

Today, we're designing the magazine. And when I say that, I mean that Christopher is designing the magazine with the beautiful ooh lala cover art by Mark Rich and later I will do proofreading. The rest of my day will be spent doing other things. Suitably lazy things (except for today's words). I feel I deserve a mini-break. I have rented Personal Velocity, and also New Waterford Girl which was sadly in need of a rewrite and made me bored and sleepy last night. Maybe I'll finish watching it today, maybe not.

Also catching up on reading I need to do for people, woefully overdue reading. And on and on until you are completely bored. Last night we had more delicious Mediterranean garlic yum food than you can shake a stick at and it was super cheap. We just had more for lunch. New favorite restaurant? Perhaps. All I have to say is the finger baklava is the best I've ever had and it's so dainty and light.

Guess that last paragraph means we have to go to the gym today after all.


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