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welcome to my martini glass


Survivor Pool Team Members Unite! Form of: snake! Form of: sneaky monkey!


Okay, so the Survivor Pool breaks down as follows.

Kelly has Matthew, because he'd pick himself. (Good point.)

Susan has Rob.

Christopher (who has no website) has Matthew and Rob at second, but we don't give prizes for second around here, boy.

Barb has Jenna, because she's sneaky enough, deluded enough and gosh darn it, the jury likes her.

Richard has Matthew, because he's crazy enough, naive enough and gosh darn it loves his mom. Plus, insider info from Barb...

And finally, my pick. I feel I must pick someone who hasn't been grabbed before, and since I'm unable to say that anyone who brings a banner that says "Believe in yourself" as a luxury item is a winner, I suppose that means I have to go with Bubble Breasts, Miss "Oh my, of course they're real... Just like my friendship with Jenna is real" Herself, Heidi.

People may join the pool up to Thursday, but after that, it's set in stone. And I'll come up with prizes and announce them by then as well. Yay!


We went for dinner at a local Mexican place which is fab and cheap and used to be a McDonald's long, long ago. They were having an all-out Cinco de Mayo fiesta, and the food was as delicious as usual, with the beer being cheaper than usual. Of course, I will not go into the fact that this dinner completely negates any benefit of our weekly session with Drew the Pleasant Punisher, but, life's short and you have to fiesta every once and a while.

So, we're leaving, and this strange middle-aged guy in a business suit comes in with a sedate and pretty woman of the same approximate age. He's wearing a giant sombrero. He begins overenunciating. It was very strange. The only explanation we could come up with is that he's the insane son of some rich family and the woman is his minder. I also like to think he's only ever allowed out on Cinco de Mayo and so has a heightened sense of the appropriate. I may also add here, that neither of them seemed to be having an especially good time.


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