shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


Okay. Whew.

The rewrite is done, now I do a quick proofread to make sure I haven't done anything really daft like forget a character toward the end, and send it off to my exceedingly talented, astute and generous readers who will turn around reads really quickly. Then I will have time to fix minor things for the Nicholl deadline and bigger things for the Austin deadline. Everything else is cake. The script will then be really, really done.

I hope.

Script drafts are nebulous things.

Now I will print out the fully done and polished Fine Fellow and do a nice print out of it and bind it all up and fill everything out and write a check. Otherwise, the printer is sure to stop working -- printer, you didn't hear that -- late Wednesday night or something.

I feel like a crazy zombie girl. The hands are a bit better. I've been bracing and doing exercises for them.

Friday night we went to a lovely party for Peter Beagle who was in town doing various things mostly related to Joe Sutliff Sanders Tolkien class and he was very nice and damn him and all his good ideas. It was very pleasant, even if I had drive 300 miles through crashing thunderstorms earlier.

Updates should regularize on this thing again, now. Unless, of course, my brain dies.


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