shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


If the sounds coming from next door are any indication, the verdict seems to be that the best music to renovate to is late '80s rock. Just so you know.

I had two articles to put up here, but now I'm no longer interested enough to post them. Hmmm... News goes stale. Film at 11.

Undercover Brother was fun in a goofy way, and smarter than I expected. In other words, it's not made of moments, but it has a few of them.

White Oleander is exactly what you'd expect, which isn't a barrel of laughs, but some fine acting and writing. Really, it's worth it for the luminous, heartbreaking-at-times performance of Alison Lohman, and for Michelle Pfeiffer doing tough.

It was an odd doublebill to say the least.

And now off to bed to dream of poisonous plants and The Man.


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