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Well, the big news of today is the YA Novel Dare of May has begun. Yay! I find it completely sensible to do this, because I really do have a story I want to tell that I need to get to the telling of, that happens to be a YA novel and also because I usually start a new script immediately after finishing one and then stall out and have to leave it for two months while I sort it out in my head and then go back to it. I'm hoping I can outline the next script while I'm writing the YA. We'll see.

I made my 1,000 word quota today. Greg van Eekhout and Heather Shaw are the other participants, so far, and Greg made a quick topic for us to post our word counts and such in so we shall see what happens. I'm pretty psyched to be back in this headspace, where my story plays out, so it should be fun at the least.

We also went to dinner with Greg Bear who is a lovely and fascinating person to talk to and was an extremely pleasant dinner companion. As were the ever-popular Joe and Melendra and Judy Moffit, a SF writer Joe recently found out lived nearby.

George the Dog would really rather we forgo the dinners and just stay home, but he's just like that.

There's a wonderful piece on dragons in the New York Times (and Quammen is writing a new book, yay!), but I don't have the URL handy. A quick search there for dragons should turn it up.



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