shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


Oh, lolligaggers, enter the Survivor Pool. C'mon. The prize is going to at least equal the prizes of the ... Oscar Party of yore--yes, that's right, it will be at least as awesome as the Dirk Benedict autobiography. How can you resist? Do not be ashamed. Entertainment Weekly has verdicted this as the best Survivor ever.

And I will not talk about anything else until at least one more person joins. So there.


Well, almost, nothing else. A weekend of laundry and X-2 (it's good, great set pieces and action sequences) and managing to keep up with the YA dare by the skin of my guilt-ridden teeth at the end of the very-long days. But it's going well.

Traipsing along the woods and not keeling over was nice. (Thank you, Drew the Pleasant Punisher.)

And I believe that the writing soundtrack for the YA has emerged--vintage Lemonheads (and perhaps the new Evan Dando, if I can find it) and the New Pornographers CD, which unfortunately isn't out until Tuesday. (They've been playing lots and lots of it on our local radio station. Good stuff.) So, that's always nice to sort out.

But really, nothing more interesting than this (which is to say, not interesting at all) until someone else enters the Survivor pool.


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