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welcome to my martini glass


Polishing is such a silly thing to do to writing. I mean, really, this is work for the maids. (Oops, just figured out why they call it that--writers are servile creatures.)

I miss all youse guys who we haven't been chatting on the phone to, and writing email to (I am in such strong email denial that I'm the quote of the week at See Max Run whining about it), and just generally feeling alive in the same world with. Soon. And very soon, many of you we will see. Yay! (Um, I guess that means we have to put a magazine together, which reminds me I haven't posted the TOC here yet.)

Greg Van Eekhout (who has posted the TOC in his blog) is doing a YA novel writing dare next month. I'm sure I don't know how these things work, but I'm toying. Because come Thursday, I will have a finished script and I did say that the next thing I was going to do was finish The Girl Gang, which is really just a beginning and lots of notes at the moment. And I could do it in the month, doing 1,000 words a day, or just a tad more. Thing is, the world is strange, because I've never met Greg, and yet here I am, considering following in his unknown footsteps. This Internet is freaking amazing.

I dunno though. But it would also give me a chance to outline the next script, so mebbe... Just mebbe.

What was supposed to be here tonight are pictures of the adorable and spiffy George Rowe the Dog (Poster Boy for American Values) sporting his new summer hair cut, complete with oohlala fluffy tail. But I don't know how to download the pictures into the machine and Mr. Rowe the Boy has gone to bed, so that'll have to wait. Probably a few days, since tomorrow is printing out/bradding up/etc night and Thursday we're having dinner with and going to a reading by Greg Bear, who I also don't know at all.

Good night. (She says, heading off to "polish.")


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