shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


I wish I could say this was going to be an interesting entry. Loong week of the way-too-much and not-enough-sleep-or-rest-or-thinking variety. Some damn good lamb kabob sandwiches along the way though. Tonight, we go down to the new club, The Dame, and see Caitlin Cary (formerly of Whiskeytown, now sane) and Kathleen Edwards. Should be a great show.

Before we do that I have to clear the cobwebs and shake off this headache so I can do at least a few hundred words on the YA. I plan to really catch up tomorrow and Sunday for the slight slacking that has occurred forcibly this week. Still having fun, eyes not bleeding or anything, which is always good.

I hope you all had good weeks. And see good movies this weekend. We'll be trying to.

And yayayay! did I mention how good the proof of the magazine looks? Yippee!

And some of you will see it next week, exactly, a few hours from this time of day. And that really is cause for celebration.


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