shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


Today, the tax check came. One of them anyway, yay! Trying to remind myself that this is my own money and not free government money. But that's a pretty fine distinction, perhaps too fine to make when it shows up in the mailbox.

Which was good, because I was feeling a little guilty about having a just generally girly and rewarding day, wherein I had a pedicure. Bright purple toes rock.

Christopher is reading his InDesign (sp?) book behind me and muttering strange terms like "marginal" this or that and then, "Aha!"

Also, read a fascinating if not brilliantly written piece in one of the small local magazines about the most famous madame who ever lived in Lexington, who is actually one of the most famous madames in American history. This is probably mostly because the Madame in Gone With the Wind is based on her (and they even share the same first name). And it turns out Belle Brezing is just as interesting as you'd want her to be. Story ideas dancing in my head. The article is here, and there are lots of cool pictures. So, go read it or something. Who doesn't love a juicy madame story?


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