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westerfeld's an aurealis

Oh and this very exciting news which I neglected to mention earlier:

Saturday's Aurealis Awards in Brisbane run by Fantastic Queensland (an organisation which fully lives up to its name) was nothing like that. No boredom, no projectile vomiting. Just a very fetching animated alien called Bruce and well-edited, well-conceived short videos introducing each award. They made everyone giggle. The speeches from presenters and winners were short, and either funny or touching, or both. And Scott Westerfeld won, as did Cat Sparks and Sean Williams and Margo Lanagan (whose short story collection, Black Juice, is the best collection I've read in ages), which made it even more fabbie.

Now, see, Justine could have gone for something like, "My husband's kick-ass book totally won the award with the best name in the world: worship!" But she's subtle like that.

Yay, Scott!

Now, you, you looking like you have something to hide?

Go buy it. And the forthcoming sequel.


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