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SebastiĆ£o Salgado is numbered among my very favorite photographers, and has been ever since high school when I discovered him by way of Eduardo Galeano. I've loved his work for so long that sometimes I forget about him. It gives me no end of pleasure that he's up for the Best Artwork category on the just announced short list of the British Science Fiction Association's 2004 awards. The nomination is for this photo, Marine Iguana, which is part of the Guardian online exhibit "Genesis" featuring his photographs from Galapagos and Virunga. (Flowing lava! He had to step back after taking the photograph so his shoe wouldn't melt to the rock he was standing on!)

I'm also really pleased that Ms. Link's exceptional "The Faery Handbag" from The Faery Reel anthology (one of the strongest of 2004) is up in the short fiction category.

This week looks to be even crazier than last. We have for-the-night houseguests and I've yet to answer any email (thus making me a LIAR). Soon. For now, I promise a little something every day. How little will just have to depend.


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