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breaking: midget shortage kneecaps dr who

I'm not making this up. Really, there's a news story*:

Filming of the new Doctor Who series has been hit by a shortage of midget actors.

Bosses wanted them to play tiny blue aliens - but most have been snapped up for the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie and to play Gringotts Bank staff in the new Harry Potter film.

Dr Who executive producer Russell T Davies said: "It's very difficult to employ persons of restricted growth when, as our producer Phil Collinson says, `Bloody Gringotts and the Chocolate Factory are filming at the same time'."

Insiders on the BBC1 sci-fi drama admit it has proved a headache during shooting of the 13-part series, due to be wrapped up next month.

One said: "The two big movies have snapped up the talent. It's been hard to find who we want."

(Thanks, Mr. Rowe!)

Semi-related: Ms. FWK sent along a self-explanatory link the other day to

*Well, news storyish. It may call itself a news story, etc.


  • At 5:48 PM , Blogger David Moles said...

    I want to see Bloody Gringotts and the Chocolate Factory. (I’m thinking, like, Matewan with the Oompa-Loompas as the striking miners and the gnomes as the company gun-thugs . . . though I guess that would be more like Gringotts vs. the Bloody Chocolate Factory.)

  • At 10:26 PM , Blogger Clint said...

    You know, I had to read your headline five times before it became anything more than a random collection of unrelated words. You just don't expect to come across a sentence like that in everyday life. :-)


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