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So, Coffee and Ink has one of those m-word things where you make an entry from the first line of the first blog entry of each month of 2004. Here goes (and just to note that the Jan-May entries were all over at the Journalscape site):

Happy New Year, everybody... If you haven't mosied over to Karen Joy Fowler's home page in awhile, now's a good time to do so. In case you missed the big, mushy mess of an Oscar running commentary thing I attempted last night, it's there. It only seems appropriate to tell you what happened with my ebay purchase of the supposed VHS tape of W.W. AND THE DIXIE DANCE KINGS, off Terry's recommendation. It's another month already. We made it, drowsing along through sunshine and wind farms having their best day ever -- at least until we hit the state line and immediately went from rainbows to ominous black skies. The fan who dressed like a devil was one of the first things that made me look up from reading my book on the couch near the clapping, exclaiming Mr. Rowe as he yelled at what, at the time, I usually responded to (ironically) as, "Oh my god, they're peddling! They're peddling harder!" The WP reviews the new Alejandro Escovedo tribute album, giving it extraordinarily high marks. The ever alert and always entertaining David Moles alerted me from the road about Combustible Celluloid's wonderful, wide-ranging interview with screenwriter (now also a director) Hampton Fancher, in which he talks extensively about Blade Runner. Does anybody else think this choice Bushism from the debate would make a stellar bumper sticker? Old Hag's new site is up and it's BEYOOTIFUL, in a way that again makes me feel both lame about the inadequate stylings of this site and greener than green with jealousy. There's a new edition of Sylvia Plath's Ariel out, a complete one, just as she left it with no missing poems, replacements or reordering.


Hmmm... ending the year on Plath seems a bit inauspicious, doesn't it? Must take more care with first lines and first days and first everythings in future.


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