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Didn't get to email this weekend, really, or much of anything else (except a bit of research). And since I have to turn in Wednesday night, some writing's got to happen on the new book and some reading's got to happen for someone else. All by way of saying, there may not be a whole lot here for the next day or two. (Did see The Incredibles and yes, heart Edna Mode muchly.)

And C and I are both aiming to do at least 500 words a day on our books for the foreseeable future--likely taking off weekends--so look for word counts.

Now, Monday hangovers:

1. BookLust has posted two installments on her top reads of 2004 and added a couple of books to my TBR pile in the process. She also mentioned Josephine Tey, in talking about Case Histories (which I'm in the middle of), and that will get you points with me any day.

2. Sarah Weinman points to the Mississippi Review's guest-edited "high pulp" issue. Can't wait.

*****3. Breaking! Moorish Girl's Laila Lalami has sold her first short story collection The Things That Death Will Buy (fab title) to Algonquin Books. Yay and congratulations! (Via TEV.)*****

4. Jacob at Yankee Fog shares his thoughts on being a BAFTA (and WGA) voter, complete with overwhelming schwag photo.

And that's it for now.


  • At 11:09 AM , Blogger Celia said...

    I was momentarily very jealous of the Case Histories mention, but then I remembered that I've got it waiting to be picked up at the library at lunch today, so I'm over that. Did you read her collection of short stories yet? I really liked it. It's almost a novel in short stories. At least, it's almost one of her novels in short stories. Not so much other people's novels.


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