shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


decisions, decisions

Well, our plan was to go down to The Dame and see Cracker sing country music, but you know, it'll be smoky and icky and we'll smell like smoke and ick when we come out. So, now we've decided to go see Mystic River instead. (I highly recommend the book.) I can't wait until the smoking ban overcomes the petty legal challenges against it and takes effect. Then I can go out to bars again. It's not that I mind smokers, not at all, it's that I mind going to bars and having to dry clean my jacket and launder the sheets because they smell like smoke after we sleep in them. I mind feeling like I'm in a barbecue pit.

So, there.

Anyway, I was just going to post that Gavin's updated Christopher's chapbook page with the wonderful blurb from Terry Bisson. I'm going to paste it in here too, for those who don't follow the link:

This smart, sleek, scary little book is all about strange arrivals: girls coming up out of their graves, giants from their junkyards, dragons from their river beds. Add Rowe himself-- striding out of the Kentucky hills into the sunlight of literature's regard. And he looks good doing it.

Isn't that a great blurb?


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