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So, last night was supposed to be an early night, but then we went down to the diner on the corner and had good food while we read our books and ran into people we've been intending to hang out with forever and just never had and so a fun night of drinking and chatting and borrowing graphic novels ensued instead.

I'd call it serendipitous, rather than random, which according to today's Washington Post is the teenager term du now.

Also, in the WP today, an article on why straight girls kissing each other is such a big deal for so many guys. The thing that I think is most hilarious about the Britney-Madonna flap is poor, almost-never-mentioned Christina Aguilera. Apparently, no one's surprised or shocked, or even cares, when Christina tongues Madonna. This is like insult to injury. You have to think Christine A is out there somewhere right now, putting hello kitty band-aids over her nipples and preparing to go out to a bar and kiss every woman in it in a desperate attempt to make Entertainment Tonight -- "Christina Aguilera Girl Kissing Spree: Britney Spears' Mother Approves." Yes, friends, if you go look at google news and browse the entertainment headlines, my favorite right now is the one about how Britney's mom knew about the kiss in advance. And yes, she kisses her mother with that mouth.

Anyway. I wish I had some ibuprofen.


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