shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


drank animals in the zoo, watched Tick episodes at the park

A nice day. The lovely people at One Story finally sent me the issue of Alan DeNiro's "Child Assassin." Which was the whole reason I subscribed in the first place, so that's nice, even if I haven't had a chance to read it yet. I've quite liked the two other stories I've gotten so far -- the last one was a very good, dark ghost story. I recommend it. It's a pleasurable thing getting a tiny zine with a very good story in it every three weeks or so. And, obviously, they have exceptional taste in writers.

Am also busy reworking my outline of the new script and getting started with the writing of it. More back-breaking than it sounds, actually. Since I'm still only _almost_ done with the YA book. And apparently, am more inclined to talk in fragments than usual. The YA book is going well, finally realized that the reason I wasn't writing the next bit was because I'd been wrong about what it should be. This realization and the resulting change should make the rest of the finishing far easier. Thus, script must begin. I like just starting something as I'm just finishing something else. It makes the reworking of the just-finished thing easier somehow, which isn't at all to say easy.

There is lots of good music, and now I will go put some on and grind my nose on the stone.


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