shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


here ye here ye

A blissfully breezy evening and I do mean bliss. Walking feels like floating. There is only a cool comfortable draft, no humidity, no chill. Just perfect. The moon just showing off its better half and the streets deserted.

George is happy. We had to walk him twice happy. He tried to take off up the street without his leash happy.

I'm hoping this is early fall and we'll get a month or two of this.

This, of course, ignores the fact that there is an overzealous hippy practicing his drums in the backyard. Boom boom boom BOOM. That is the noise I hear when I walk home from the Y. Boom babababa BOOM. That's about the whole of the repertoire. It makes me want to build a tree stand and purchase a b.b. gun.

So, I have to go to San Francisco soonish, early October. I'm trying to think of all the people I should see while I'm there if at all possible. I have trouble remembering where people are who I haven't visited though, so remind me if you're in the Bay Area and want to have a nosh or a drink or something in early October -- this of course, if I don't start pestering you to set one up first.

An exhausting, really interesting couple of days at the day job (which I don't talk about here so that's all you get). And tomorrow will be catch up day. I think I got to page 10 on the new script this week and am still in desperate need of one of those days where I fluuff (pronounced floof) around in my pajamas because I am doing nothing but Finishing The Book and put it off for hours and hours and hours and then stay up all night and get it done. I need one of those. Maybe this weekend.

I think we're going to take Argentinian Tango classes. Or possibly salsa. We have a few days to decide. If you have a vote, drop it in the quick topic with your Hobbit Name. (Hobbit Names rule.) We are ruled by public opinion.



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