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It really stinks when you let your netflix queue go for awhile and then you find out it's grown a beard and turned into someone you hardly recognize anymore and then, and then -- it sends you freaking Harry Potter The Movie Part Dieux even though you just watched it last Saturday when it was so rainy all day. Grrrrr. (Actually, the movie was better than I thought -- I'm beginning to think there is a certain C or B-minus level movie that benefits immensely from home viewing with a nice blanket and your couch and a pause button.)

(Far From Heaven is _not_ one of those movies, sadly.)

Anyway, I guess this means we'll have to wait to finally see Chicago. Sigh.

Have I mentioned I really like "The Believer"? I know I have, but I'm doing so again. Yes, it costs 8 bucks an issue on the newstand and is more expensive than Locus (I think) to subscribe to. But it's a really good magazine and I want it to live and I can't remember the last time I actually read all the articles in a magazine and was glad I had so you should buy it. I hope that it doesn't turn out that issue three was just the best issue of the magazine ever.

Also, if you haven't already, read Scott Westerfeld's riproaring "Risen Empire." I usually don't even like the science fiction, but this is a fine, fun read that sucks you right in like a vacuum cleaner.

George has settled in for his long daily nap, after having his long nightly sleep.

Have a good day, all.


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