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Well, I had every intention of being extremely productive today. Over the course of these three days, in fact. So productive that people might look up from their coffee and think to their-strange-selves, "Do you think The Flash was based on a real person? On a girl? I feel like someone is out there doing amazing quantities of work at light speed."

It was not to be so. I wrote a new scene on the new script today, but it was a very short scene. And I opened the YA manuscript (which is in itself an achievement, the last month) and fiddled around with it and mostly got it ready to work on and then stopped. It's okay. I feel like I'm about to kick into workmode again, where I can get lots done and not bat a lash, and my office has been cleaned (who can say whether this brings on workmode or workmode brings this on?). All by way of saying, I'm not going to worry about it too much. Sometimes what you need isn't a weekend of all-fired work. Sometimes it is. This time, I think what I needed was lots of reading and movie-watching and being outside and ruffling George's fur and just being involved with the general stimuli of the world. I needed a break. It was a very nice one.

And reading might count as work, sometimes.

Although, not with the stuff I've been reading lately. Don't you just love those periods where everything you pick up is golden enough to keep you engaged?

Again, I will shove you toward my favorite book in quite awhile "Fitcher's Brides" by Greg Frost -- which I hope makes it into consideration for the Tiptree, as it certainly explores the notion of gender and marriage as both constraint and freedom. And I'm also now just finishing up Graham Joyce's "The Facts of Life." It's a highly enjoyable read as well, though I won't have any final thoughts on it until I finish it.

"The Good Thief" is a decent enough heist film, if you're in the mood for that kind of thing. (Great soundtrack. And I can't say enough about Nick Nolte's eyebrow folds! Amazing!) And I finally saw "28 Days Later," which I enjoyed more for the frothy moments of light-filled darkness than for the scary, Night of the Living Dead-esque bits. A good film, not a great one, I don't think -- though it might have been if it were made in the 70s -- and definitely finely made. The male lead had extraordinarily long eyelashes. Anyway.

Rest is good. The rest is good. And soon all the lovely people will be back with WorldCon gossip and stories. All very nice.

I think, in the continuance of getting very little done, I'm going to go see what's on the television machine.

G'night. (I still owe every single one of you email. Well, those of you I know and exchange email with. Blame Christopher.)


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