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why dustbunnies and tumbleweeds shouldn't mate

As you can see from the title of this post, I love science and scientific inquiry. However, you'll find none of that here today.

I just figured I'd better update since I haven't in days and days and since updates look to be thin on the ground in the days to come and because anything, anything, anything even this is a nicer way to fill the next five minutes than beginning to finish the cleaning of this house, affectionately known as The Place Where George Hair Swirls in Corners.

Sadly, George is not here to look at accusingly while sweeping up said hair, though it's not easy to do so even when he is here -- he tends to run from the vacuum cleaner.

Amazing household trick of the day: when you go a long time after painting windows without scraping the paint off the grass where it bled over, you can use windex to get almost all of it off. Truly, this is a wonderful discovery.

Very soon, the Kelvin-Grink's will arrive and then the wonderful Mr. Zakbar and the vivacious and hilarious Jackie after that. And then there will be a reading with a strangely inclusive audience and much fun. And then --

And then --

There will be invisibility and actual contact with the world of the faux. Oh, yes, we're going up to Conglomeration in Louisville. Browsing the guest list, I happened upon the designation "Louisville Alliance." Which sounds quasi-official, I'm sure you'll agree, so I thought I'd investigate further. This turns out to be an abbreviation for the Louisville Alliance of Star Wars Fans.

Ah, yes, it should be the quite the weekend. We are armed with liquor and our trusty arm-crossing instant invisibility technique.

I will report back.


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