shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


it's the equivalent of tiptoe

And yet again, not a real post but a little short thingie to prove I'm alive.

Got another wonderful birthday package filled with much goodness and the best mix CD ever and the best stationary ever and lots and lot o' great books and a cool necklace I've already been wearing... Yay! And fitting to get what will likely be (though there is no penalty for later) my last pressie of the year on the last day of Gwendagras, the day of fare-the-well, see ya next year, that was fun.

And now I'm afraid I must sleep. Perchance to.. sleep. I really just need the sleep at this point.

"Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" is just as great as everyone says it is.

Lemon cake is yummy.

One of those stories about the old folks' home for the movie bidness that surfaces every once and a bit, but a good one at that.

And to answer the ubiquitous question: have you finished the YA novel?

Well, I'm going to give the same answer I would have a month ago and it's no less accurate. No, but it'll be done soon. Really. I tend to work in really productive spurts that then segue into a few weeks (and occasionally longer) of denying that something exists and then I'll work work work and finish it. It seems to be an okay process, tracing the spotty terrain of my mental ability.

We'll see. But soon.

And now, sleep. You can have my dreams.


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