shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


paste is passe

So, feeling those achey-bones and snifflies that belie a cold. Mr. Rowe also sniffling and belying, so start chicken souping now recent houseguests.

Recent houseguests of fun! (Jackie, we have your watch and umbrella! Send me an address!) (No one else forgot anything, that we've found yet anyway!)

You can be invisible by crossing your arms over your chest, but only if you're a vampire. You can also be a sad invisible vampire.

Some people meet significant others in elevators. Some people just like to ride up and down in them. There should never be jello shots at conventions.

And well, this could go on forever.

We met some nice people in Louisville (including Rob the Sequel, who we all wish we'd gotten to talk to more) and I did my first ever reading because they made me. We had a great deal of fun.

Christopher and Christopher's reading at Jo-Beth was fantabulous and many people were in the house, and everyone seemed to enjoy it -- even the relatives who probably were doing their relatively duty.

Did I mention the cold? That's as detailed as I can get. Off to watch Six Feet Under episodes and type words spelled wrong on the neverending YA of DOOM.


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