shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


So, Ari the Flea is done toasted and going into retirement. It is beautiful to read all the stories detailing the many moments in contest for the antithesis of Good At Your Job. I have to say that the Washington Post needs to stop with the praising. The man is a liar. So what if he had to bend over backwards and crabwalk his way through every press briefing? That's the price you pay, and yes, even crabs can be graceful. But not that one.

I hope Helen Thomas throws one hell of a party, or none at all. But really, it won't feel right until the whole thing changes, not just the spokesperson. But that's politics and it may be after dinner, but my momma told me never to talk about...

Well, actually she didn't.

So, delay at the printer, but we've been assured we will either receive this issue of Say... on Friday morning (latest) or it'll be at the hotel when we get there. The jury's out on which one. They say it looks fabulous though.

And we're going to give away the world's best baklava from the Oasis restaurant to the first 50 folks that buy copies. We bought a big cooler and everything. Yummmmm....

See lots of you soon. Wish I was seeing all of you soon.


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