shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


late nite hangovers

(The hated nite spelling just felt right. It's sort of a lite brite time.) (There is a flash lite brite application on that page where you could spend days making designs.)

Dan Wickett corrals some examples of that mythical beast -- the publicist -- in his latest e-panel. The divine Lauren Cerand is one of them. (The swan bag Lauren pointed to last week is also fabulous.) Check it out.

Jonathan Strahan responds to Greg Feeley's thoughts from the other day on story collections and the small vs. trade press's willingingess to publish them.

"Robotics show Lucy walked upright."

James Woods is a comment bad boy. Who knew?

Number One Hit Song (which is kicking much of the ass since its relaunch) catches a funny gaffe(?) at Gawker. Can you decode the meaning of "Jonathan Cheban"?

Damn you, Bloglines Plumber, you and your fat shrug!


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