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strange dog

Much of this evening has been spent dealing with a skittish, extremely hungry red dog (a setter of some kind?) that suddenly showed up on the other side of the street. The odd thing is that maybe he belongs to this strange muumuu lady who is working in the house -- she lets him follow her in and out, for instance. But maybe he doesn't, as she also doesn't acknowledge him, didn't notice when I fed him, and said he didn't belong to her.

He tossed around the ball. Drank water. Ate food. Let me pet him.

Then damn-near got George killed leading him across the street.

We have to figure out where this dog came from and whose he is. Humane Society was closed, etc. Calls will be made first thing in the morning. He most decidedly did not want to be closed in our back yard, and there's still the possibility he belongs to the even stranger lady across the street.

The only thing to do after all this excitement was have a champagne and orangina cocktail, after which I really do feel much better.

Did I mention our next door neighbors now give singing lessons? I keep running into the kitchen trying to protect the glassware.

Now I will start Our Napolean in Rags by Kirby Gann and go to sleep. "Magic for Beginners" really is the best TV show/story ever. Really. You haven't seen this one, unless you have.

I plan to dream sweet dreams of Scotland. Soon. Soon!


  • At 9:34 PM , Blogger chance said...

    welcome to your new dog. I recomment the name Chance for him/her. It's a good one. :)

  • At 1:37 AM , Blogger gwenda said...

    Nope, no new dog. George is too old. But we might drop him at one of the nice farm-style no-kill shelters or something.

  • At 9:19 AM , Anonymous eek said...

    Rags is fantastic. I'm gonna review it on le blog closer to his InKY reading date (September).

  • At 10:17 AM , Blogger Bill S. said...

    The only problem that I had with "Magic for Beginners" is now I really wish that that TV show was real. Oh, well.


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