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wednesday hangovers

Terrible insomnia last night and, as a result, I'm a bit bleary around the edges. So, these things and no more:

Fellow advice columnist Sarah Vowell wants you to ask her about Cleveland.

Justine makes me salivate with advance word about Elizabeth Knox's new novel (apparently the first of a young adult duology -- very interesting). Knox's previous novels are all gorgeous and I really, really can't wait to read this latest one. I read Daylight on an airplane to San Francisco at such an odd angle I woke up with awful wrist and finger cramps that night: they were worth it. We loves Elizabeth Knox, we do.

Hurree points to a couple of interesting things about SF and children. He quotes Ursula Le Guin saying: "Whenever they tell me children want this sort of book and children need this sort of writing, I am going to smile politely and shut my earlids. I am a writer, not a caterer. There are plenty of caterers. But what children most want and need is what we and they don't know they want and don't think they need, and only writers can offer it to them."

Jacob Sager Weinstein posts his famed Wordplayer Film Geek Test online.

And, because I've been silly quizless for awhile, a result which anyone who routinely reads this site will likely dispute:

Your Blogging Type Is Clever and Witty
Of all blogging types, you're the best with words.
Almost every blog post you write has legendary quality.
You have a perverse sense of humor and often play devil's advocate.
Impatient and picky, you tend to go off on funny rants from time to time.

(Via The Happy Booker.)


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