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So, sometimes our wireless network goes down and Mr. Rowe works the special magic, usually on the phone with the Raleigh Web Bunny for a consult. It was down this morning when I got up. I jiggled the cords going into the modem, gave up and ate breakfast. I figured I'd just go to the library for the rest of the week.

Until Mr. Rowe revealed the secret of the wireless magic: UNPLUG everything and PLUG it back in.

Works like a charm.

Anyway, someone blew the quiz game, but I will persist even having been discovered. Perhaps with even more hideous quizzes by the day. Because now that he knows he also knows he. can't. stop. the. quizzes. until. at. least. Friday.

Go see. (And send heinous quiz pointers.)

It's back to the book for me. Writing. Almost forgot what it's like when it's going well.


  • At 12:29 AM , Blogger Celia said...

    i am a networking *goddess* in this house, because I apparently hold the networking mojo. Unplug, wait, replug. Wouldn't think it could impress people nearly as much as it does. I actually came home from a weekend (probably Wiscon) to find that the wireless had stopped working at some point, and rather than even just call me and ask how to fix it, they'd just decided to wait until I came home again.


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