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Mr. Rowe has been delivered to the Middle of Nowhere in the Mountains of North Carolina to discuss stories with a bunch of other folks for the next week. The trip was relatively painless and there was the joy of seeing Mrs. and Mr. Tingle Alley. Kelly brought me some goodies from BEA, including an ARC of one of the titles I've been most awaiting this year -- Paul Park's new book A Princess of Roumania. It's FABULOUS so far, completely living up to the hype. You will want this book. This is what high fantasy should be. I'll have more to say once I've finished it.

(And if that doesn't convince you, go read this recentish interview with Park about it.)

And, of course, the best thing of all is that Kelly's new collection Magic for Beginners is now a real live object that you can procure and not look up from until you've read the whole thing, and that Maureen McHugh's awesome new collection Mothers and Other Monsters with the Best Cover Ever is also now available. Beautiful hardcovers. You need them both immediately. Your life is otherwise incomplete.


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